måndag 11 april 2011


I promised Dalis I would do this in english :P So.. I got to the bus like, 20 minutes before and there was a huge line. Luckly it was for another bus, haha. I read a book for 3 hours (then I finished it, haah) and slept for the 2 resisting hours. It was like 30 min late though. Kelly picked me up together with 2 of her friends, Joohee and Jaeyeon. We drove through the campus and I saw "the greek system" in action. Drunkies walking (wobbling) around outside fratparties :P Kinda cool in it's way since I've only seen it in GREEK, haha. We went to bed pretty much after we got home. We had to get up at 9 and it was already 2.30 am when we got home.

So Kelly woke me up at 9.30, we ate her birthday breakfast, seaweed soup and rice. Tastes better than it sounds, haha. Reminded me of miso soup actually. Then we waited for another friend to pick us up, Fami (I think it was?) together with Dasun... which ment we had to cram in 4 people in the backseat since Joohee and Jaeyeon was coming too, haha. But it worked out just fine :P We kinda had directions but till it took us nearly 3-4 hours to get to a place where we could walk around, not even the place we where supposed to go to, haha. There was alot of snow in the woods, and when we were leaving one place for another out car got stuck and we had to push it, haha. Adventure of the day :P Got to another trail but didn't go all the way to a lake cause of the snow and the wetness, haha.

Got back in less time then it took to get there but still got lost, haha.When we got back home to Kelly's, all the koreans started making dinner, so to be out of the way I sat by the computer :P The food was absolutly delisious! Loved every piece oof it! I think I was eating something spicy, and something with noodles. Yumyum anyway! Fami came back later with cake, without candles and we just sat and talked for a while until we went ICE SKATING! AHAH. Haven't done that for real for a while. We where there for like an hour, haha. Had lot's of fun! I managed to not fall down even once! When we got back home I did the dishes and read MLIA until midnight while Kelly was doing her homework. In the end I couldn't keep my eyes opend and fell asleep, haha.

Woke up again around 9 to get to church. Got my first banana milk for breakfast! The first zip felt kinda wierd since I still expected it to taste just like milk but there was banana too, haha. First a got a tour of the campus and Kelly's building. They really have like a real studio when they do their fake news :P So awsome. Also saw the house that the Adams Family's house is build from, kinda awsomeee! We then went to the Korean church, where I got an ear piece so I could hear a translator in my head during the service :P Kinda cool when I figured out how it worked, haha. In the end they wanted to welcome me, I had to stand up and get sung to. That was some experience, haha. Kinda awkward, HAHA. After that, we went to have bubble"tea" but it was a smoothie, haha. Yumyum! We got back to the apartment, got my stuff and took a taxi to a mall. Shopped around, went to UNO and ate pizza and then it was time to go home :( Hopefully I can come back for Kelly's graduation but I wouldn't count on it :/ I read the whole 6 hour trip home. 1,5 books, haha. I just flung myself to my bed and fell alseep :P Awsome weekend! Now I can't wait until I'll go visit Dalis! 2,5 weeks! WIIIIE!

2 kommentarer:

dalissssssss sa...

lol "all the koreans"
wow you guys did so many things even for a short time!
it sound all funnnnnnn!
and hahah the church thing made me laugh, I can picture you up there like *keep smiling..* lol
yessssssssss I cant wait till you visit me, I still need to write down what we need to do LOL
thanks for writing in english for me hehe honestly your a better writer than I am HAHAHA no lies!

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